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How to top up game on VNG webpay


Dear Adventures, you can click the “Recharge” button on the official website or directly visit the official payment site of Ys 6 Mobile VNG: https://shop.vng.games/group/ys6

Step 1: Select the corresponding currency of your country.

Step 2: Log in to the game.

Note: The guest account must be bound to an email address, and the account protection setting must be completed before logging in to the payment site.

Step 3: Select the role and server.

Step 4: Select the denomination level (Emelas/Ticket) or Monthly Card to be recharged.

Step 5: Select a payment method.

Step 6: Check and confirm all information before making payment.

Step 7: After completing the payment process and successful payment, you will get the corresponding items in the game.