Melee | Guard | Control

The incarnation of justice, great shield and steady sense of mission endow him with unprecedented will of guard.

Melee | Damage

The warrior forever pursuing victory, brandishing a huge sword, rushes to the front of the battlefield, tearing apart all enemies.

Long Distance | Slow Down

An elegant frost mage with the power of extreme cold, the ruler of the world of pure white ice and snow.

Long Distance | Damage

Have a burning passion forever, manipulate the crazy flame engulf the whole world.

Long Distance | Damage

Children of the wind, people of the forest, keepers of the vines and ancient trees, submit to the divine punishment of the wind of nature.

Long Distance | Healing

The embodiment of vitality, the bearer of healing power, the healer of all injuries, the solid backing of the team.

Melee | Stealth | Outbreak

Hiding in the shadows, calmly waiting for the time to come to give the enemy endless despair.

Melee | Damage | Luck

Free children of the sea, seeking the treasures of fate by the sword and the spear and the gift of the sea God.

- - - - - - -