Be one of the first explorers of the Land of Canaan in the Ys6 Mobile Alpha Test!

You can get an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first Ys 6 Mobile players to set foot on the Land of Canaan by signing up for Ys 6 Mobile Alpha Test. This period is limited to 2,000 participants, so be sure to join as soon as you can!

Ys 6 Mobile has a variety of interesting features. There are 5 classes; Ranger, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Samurai. However, the Samurai Class will be released in the next update. Players can also try PVE and PVPP features, Marriage System, Pet Collections that will help you in battles, NPC Interaction, and Card System in the form of Soul Cards and Hero Cards.

Also, during the Alpha Test, we are running a 200% cashback event for the Open Beta period. An advantage that really gives you an advatage as you go on your adventure, isn't it? Sign up for the Alpha Test now!

For more information, stay tuned on YS 6 Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim social media, Enjoy the Cross-World Adventures!